Family-Centered Care

At Yale Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, we understand how important it is for parents and family members to be involved in their children's treatment, and we believe in a family-centered approach to care. 

We know that having a child with a heart defect is a scary, lifelong journey. Yale Pediatric Cardiac Surgery knows how dealing with this disease can impact the whole family. We make it a priority to care for the family as much as the patient and to do everything we can to help you lead as normal a life as possible under difficult circumstances. 

The partnership between us is based on the understanding that everyone’s role is important. We are experts in pediatric heart problems and treatments. You know your child better than anyone else. Your insight to your child is crucial to our surgeons, helping them make informed decisions about the best treatment and care. That is why we take the time to discuss your child’s condition and treatment options in depth and to listen to and address all your concerns. What we do together is greater than what any of us can do alone. 

We also respect your right to make decisions about your child's care consistent with your concerns and values. We offer “blood conservation” approaches for families interested in avoiding blood transfusions, and we will work with you to accommodate other special needs or desires. 

Our new advancements in patient care allow us to let families stay with their child in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) throughout their child’s stay. We let parents join physicians during rounds when our multidisciplinary team is discussing their child’s condition and treatment plan. We encourage families to stay with their child in the ICU. Both of these advancements enable parents to be involved in their child's care, which is valuable to your child's overall treatment, care and recovery.

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