Periodontal Program

This program exposes the General Dentistry resident to periodontics from a diagnostic and therapeutic perspective, instilling the need to integrate periodontics into generalized treatment planning. Residents treat all periodontal patients under the direct supervision of licensed and board-certified periodontists. Residents obtain full mouth radiographs, diagnostic casts, and create treatment plans with the attending Periodontist. Residents may carry out initial patient preparation in the absence of a periodontist, and patients requiring subsequent periodontal surgery will be treated by the Resident and periodontist together. On occasion, residents will be allowed to observe periodontal surgery in an office setting of an attending faculty member's private office. This will familiarize the dental resident with private office procedures and patient management.

The objectives of the Periodontal Program are to develop in-depth ability to diagnose and coordinate the treatment of periodontal diseases. The resident is expected to gain knowledge of currently available treatment modalities and to develop skills to execute periodontal procedures which lend themselves to integration in the practice of General Dentistry. The resident will gain additional knowledge in diagnosis and treatment planning integrating periodontics, general dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics and implant dentistry. Additional material covered includes non-surgical periodontal therapy, antibiotic and chemotherapeutic agents. The introduction of surgical therapy will include apically repositioned flap, modified Widman flap, gingival grafts, osseous resection, gingivectomy, osseous grafting and crown lengthening procedures.