General Dental Surgery Residency


Dr. Suher Baker, DMD, BDS, MS
Section Chief and Pediatric Dentistry Program Director

Yale-New Haven Hospital (Y-NHH) offers a fully-accredited one-year residency in all phases of dentistry, as mandated by the American Dental Association. This certificate program is designed to develop essential clinical skills, attitudes, judgment and abilities related to the comprehensive practice of dentistry. The program is also structured to provide training in the management of medically, physically, and mentally compromised patients in a hospital environment. In addition to comprehensive training in all disciplines of dentistry, the dental resident will participate in restorative dentistry and oral surgical procedures in the operating room. The resident will be on off-service rotations in Y-NHH's Department of Anesthesiology (3 weeks), Y-NHH's Pediatric Dental Department (2 weeks in Pediatric Dental Clinic, 1 week in Pediatric Medicine Clinic), Internal Medicine [2 weeks], Emergency Medicine [2 weeks], and Oral Maxiollfacial Surgery at the Hospital of Saint Raphael [2 weeks], with continued training through both Y-NHH and the Hospital of St. Raphael in OMFS procedures.

Dentistry is a dynamic profession and we strive to assure that our program mirrors the evolution. Our patient base provides ample opportunities for gaining or expanding the resident's experience in disciplines such as implant dentistry, fixed and removable prosthodontics, esthetic dentistry, conscious sedation, pain management beyond the use of local anesthetics and more. Rotations to anesthesia help to improve your skills in medical risk assessment and overall patient management. In addition to the department's clinic setting, the resident will be able to provide comprehensive dental care in the operating room and work with physicians and other health care providers throughout the hospital. Clinical training is supplemented with an array of lectures, seminars and conferences throughout the year. In addition to these didactic activities, the resident will be required to submit a research paper at year's end. The resident will have the privilege of working with a variety of dental and medical specialists in both clinical and classroom settings.

Yale-New Haven Hospital's Dental Clinic is open to the general public, and all patients are seen by appointment for comprehensive care and to address dental emergencies.

The GPR program is clinically oriented, with 80 percent of the resident's time devoted to providing dental care. The remaining time is devoted to medical rotation and various non-clinical didactic experiences. Lectures are held at Y-NHH as well as the Hospital of St. Raphael, and the majority of clinical training occurs at Y-NHH's Dental Clinic.