Yale Endocrine Neoplasia Laboratory

Executive Summary

The Yale Endocrine Neoplasia Laboratory (YENL) is uniquely positioned to become an international leader in the scientific studies of endocrine tumors. The mission of the YENL is to create a research curriculum of highest quality in order to benefit patients with endocrine tumors, and train clinical and non-clinical scientists to become future independent leaders within the field. We seek to identify and retain the best and brightest collaborators and student investigators to promote the medical and surgical management as well as scientific investigations of patients with endocrine tumors.

The key to the success of the YENL is a dedicated director which serves both as a clinically active endocrine surgeon and basic scientist, as well as fruitful collaborative efforts with other endocrine surgeons, endocrinologists, pathologists, geneticists, etc. An efficient system will be implemented to enroll eligible voluntary patients operated on for endocrine tumors at the Yale-New Haven Hospital into the scientific studies of the YENL.

The YENL will be based on a translational research curriculum of absolute excellence, which will ensure recruitment of outstanding talent as well as serve as the foundation for funding through the Department of Surgery, the Yale University School of Medicine, The National Institutes of Health, other national societies as well as through gifts and philanthropic efforts.